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Residential area master plan

Söderkulla Centre Master Plan





Design team

Niilo Ikonen
Erno Laakso
Kaapo Lipasti


Sipoo Municipality

The master plan for Söderkulla centre in Sipoo consists of two parts, the town centre in the south and Opintie area in the north. The plan for the town centre includes new construction for ca. 300 residents while the plan for Opintie area, located on the site of a former school, proposes new construction for ca. 700 residents and a small hotel. The previously rather unstructured and parking-dominated townscape of the centre will be developed into more comfortable, small-scale urban surroundings with defined streetscapes, commercial spaces in buildings' ground floors and a central plaza acting as the heart of the area. In the Opintie area, verdant blocks open up south towards a park, which serves as an east-west artery across the plan area and caters for various recreational activities. Pedestrian and cycling connections are improved throughout the plan area.

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