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1st Prize entry

Mark Of Huber



Aviapolis, Vantaa


Design team

Niilo Ikonen
Pauli Siponen
Aura Pajamo
Severi Hellstén
Meri Murto
Robert Hanson
Tuulimaria Luukkonen
Erno Laakso
Noona Lappalainen



Our winning proposal was described as urban, lively and ecological. The new area includes a business hub, parking facilities and a landmark hotel tower. The block has a cosy green courtyard and large number of services for visitors, employees and residents of the growing area near the airport. The neighbouring housing block is also designed by our winning team Avarrus and NREP. The plan is built on sustainable values: the buildings utilize geothermal heating and have green roofs and solar panels. Not to mention the lush courtyard with large retention pools and diverse greenery.

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