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Avarrus x UPM Pavilion





Design team

Niilo Ikonen
Atte Aaltonen
Iida Siponmaa


Ollikaisen Hirsirakenne
Design Helsinki

Avarrus Architects will be building a wooden pavilion together with UPM and Ollikaisen hirsirakenne at Fredantori, Punavuori to liven up the city space. The translucent roof structure will let light through leaving the overall look airy while providing cover and pleasant spaces to relax and enjoy the surroundings for passers-by. The pavilion was inherently designed to be disassembled at the end of September due to its temporary nature. The design for the Avarrus x UPM Pavilion showcases the use of ecological wood and recycled materials of UPM.

The pavilion is a part of a new design festival Design Helsinki which takes place 24-25.8

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