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Villa Deer

Villa Deer is a combination of an old summer house and its modern extension. The existing 1960’s cabin was built to lakeside in the former municipality of Kisko in Southwest Finland. The old cabin was relatively small consisting only of one room and a sauna and bathing spaces. The idea for the extension was to create a modern and radical architecture compared to the modest gable roofed summer house architecture of the 1960’s. Slanted end wall and zig-zag facade facing the lake create contrast to the more ordinary rectangular building mass of the old part. New and old was connected by using similar facade material and matching roof angles. The extension part was designed to continue from the living room as a seamless series of spaces which are separable if needed.




Kisko, Salo




89 m²

Design team

Niilo Ikonen
Atte Aaltonen


Ville Vappula



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