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Ajurien talli

A former horse stable located in the middle of a Punavuori courtyard undergoes a big change as the first human residents of the century-old building are moving into 18 new apartments in the spring of 2022. The 3-storey stable, built in the early 1900’s, served coach drivers to store their carriages and keep their horses until the 1960’s. After the departure of the last coach drivers, the stable was used as a warehouse. In the early 2000’s the city recognized the building’s depression and declared the stable a historically valuable building. Great attention and care was required to preserve the historic details and unique atmosphere of the building while converting it into residential use.








2000 m²

Design team

Pauli Siponen
Noona Lappalainen
Atte Aaltonen
Robert Hanson


Tuomas Uusheimo


Lakewood Oy

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